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  • Hosted by Erik Deatherage

Erik Deatherage, host of Prairie Public Music News

Prairie Public Music News is a fun, conversational recap of stories from the world of roots, rock and alternative music, the digital spectrum, milestones from music history and music birthdays. Get the scoop on upcoming releases and get wise to new artists you'll be talking about tomorrow. Erik Deatherage takes you on a two-minute journey of news from the cool and diverse genres of music you hear on Prairie Public every day. 

"Electric Love" singer Borns denies sexual misconduct allegations, MTV's Matt Pinfield says David Bowie reached out to Scott Weiland through him months before both died and Big Red Machine improvise new song. 

Jeff Tweedy's sports two new dos in latest video, a tragic incident in Cleveland involving Gary Numan's tour bus and Netflix to premiere music doc series next month. 

Mumford and Sons criticized for posing with provocative academic, Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop join William Shatner on his first Christmas album and Will Ferrell enlists all-star band for charity concert. 

Dickey Betts of The Allman Brothers Band to undergo brain surgery after fall, Bob Dylan and Fleet Foxes ready big box sets, Jim James announces tour of swing states to help get out the vote and the late producer Richard Swift puts out new single on day his family scatters his ashes in Oregon. 

Mark Knopfler gets nostalgic on new album, Nick Cave joins Marianne Faitfhull for haunting new single and Apple Music debuts new song search function using lyrics. 

Twitter goes crazy over credit card commercial, Bob Seger turns a page and German doc says Russian riotter poisoned.   

Lily Allen alleges music industry exec. sexually assaulted her, Sufjan Stevens to reissue Christmas box set on vinyl and Memphis to induct the Queen of Soul and The Box Tops into their Hall of Fame 

Spotify increases download cap, Girls star explores Gallagher Brothers' sibling psychology and Hendrix' Electric Ladyland turns 50.

Jason Isbell & John Prine clean up in Nashville, member of Russian punk band allegedly poisoned and Rev. Al Green covers Freddy Fender.

Sir Paul's strange interview, Tom Waits sings Italian anti-fascist folk, Jack White's the toast of Washington