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Sunday, February 14, at 5pm:

Tune in for Why? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life

In the show's new episode, host Jack Russell Weinstein and his guest P. Andrew Torrex discuss "Is the law consistent?"

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Sunday, February 7, at 5pm CT:

The Great American Folk Show returns this weekend with a new episode!

The show's 10th episode will feature singer-songwriter Richard Buckner as he reads from his new book "Cuttings From The Tangle"; Singer-songwriter Isabella Rose; Playwright Kemp Powers; Writer Gianni Washington; and Atz Lee Kilcher of "Alaska: The Last Frontier."


Plus, host Tom Brosseau will sing a duet with singer Kelly Hogan.

Sunday, January 31, at 5pm:

Best of the Best 2020: The Great Indoors

In this episode, three winning stories of the 2020 Third Coast/RHDF Competition each paint a unique portrait of survival and hope in the time of coronavirus. 

Sunday, January 24, at 5pm:

Re:sound presents "The Whatever Suits You Show"

This hour, the suits we wear and the impressions we make.

Sunday, January 17, at 5pm:

American RadioWorks presents: "King's Last March"

Although it was one of the most challenging and controversial chapters of his career, the final year of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life has not been the focus of significant public attention. This dramatic and illuminating documentary uses a rich mix of archival tape, oral histories and contemporary interviews to paint a vivid picture of what may have been the most difficult year of Dr. King's life.

Sunday, January 10, at 5pm:

Why: Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life

This weekend on Why?, host Jack Russell Weinstein and his guest Heather Augustyn will take “A Philosophical Look at Ska and Jamaican Music.”

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Sunday, January 3, 5pm CT:

The Great American Folk Show returns this weekend with a new episode!

Episode 9 will feature musicians Kyle Field of Little Wings, Raye Zaragoza, Herman Dune, Eliza Blue, and Elisa Flynn; Painter Mollie Douthit; and Joe Wiegand with Notes from the Badlands.

Sunday, December 26, at 5pm:

Transmission Times End of Year Special: Pandemic in Review

2020 was a year like no other. Throughout the pandemic, Transmission Times captured the fears, hopes, worries, and joys of ordinary people during this extraordinary era, through their audio diaries. This Special episode brings together the most powerful moments from this time: what we feared, what we missed, what we appreciated, what we unexpectedly gained.

Sunday, December 20, at 5pm:

The North Dakota Woman Suffrage Centennial Committee presents Persistence, a radio play by Kathy Coudle-King in consultation with Barbara Handy-Marchello and Susan Wefald.

Sunday, December 13, at 5pm:

“How Important is the Brain to the Great Philosophical Questions?”

This week on Why: Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life, host Jack Russell Weinstein is joined by philosopher Patricia Churchland.