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Sunday, December 6, 5pm CT:

The Great American Folk Show returns this weekend with a new episode!

Episode 8 features writer Gianni Washington; Musician Melissa Mary Ahern; Writers Julie Wolfson and Zoe Howell; a short story by Glen Phillips; Poet laureate of South Carolina Marcus Amaker; Cowboy poet and songster Andy Hedges; North Dakota associate poet laureate Bonnie Larson Staiger; and autoharp player Colin Haines.

Sunday, November 29, at 5pm:

Three Stories of Extraordinary Forgiveness with Wanda Holland Greene

A former newspaper columnist and four time bestselling author, Kelly Corrigan wonders about loads of stuff

This weekend, she contemplates forgiveness, which may be the most advanced intellectual and emotional move we make as humans.


Sunday, November 22, at 5pm:

Artist, performer and host Helga Davis brings a soulful curiosity and love of people to Helga. In these radio hours, she continues to draw the listener into her erudite and intimate conversations with creative people, famous and lesser known.

In Episode 1, Helga is joined by Krista Tippett, author and host of public radio's On Being.

Sunday, November 15, at 5pm:

Patrice Tanaka discusses her book "Becoming Ginger Rogers" and her life, recorded in a webinar as part of Humanities ND's One Book One North Dakota series.  An ambitious PR executive, Tanaka was struggling under multiple stresses. Adding ballroom dancing to her life transformed it. 

Sunday, November 11, at 5pm:

"How Does Propaganda Work?"

This week on Why: Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life, host Jack Russell Weinstein is joined by philosopher Jason Stanley to discuss propaganda.

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Sunday, November 1, 5pm CT:

The Great American Folk Show returns this weekend with a new episode!
Episode 7 features musicians Grant-Lee Phillips, Tre Burt, Sebastian Steinberg, and Sofia Wolfson; and Hilary Saunders from No Depression magazine.


Sunday, October 25, at 5pm:

Tune in to hear the final part of a five-part series from WNYC, "Come Through," as host Rebecca Carroll talks with Kay Oyegun, a Nigerian-American screenwriter (NBC’s “This is Us”) whose star is on the rise. Plus, the actress and activist Gabrielle Union talks about the challenges of “black girl magic” and what it’s like to parent her teenage daughter in 2020.

This is a condensed version of a public session from September, 2020.  It is from a series set up by Humanities ND, and here is what they said.

The Lives of Edie Pritchard: From acclaimed novelist Larry Watson, a multigenerational story of the West told through the history of one woman trying to navigate life on her own terms.

Edie—smart, self‑assured, beautiful—always worked hard. She worked as a teller at a bank, she worked to save her first marriage, and later, she worked to raise her daughter even as her second marriage came apart. Really, Edie just wanted a good life, but everywhere she turned, her looks defined her. Two brothers fought over her. Her second husband became unreasonably possessive and jealous. Her daughter resented her. And now, as a grandmother, Edie finds herself harassed by a younger man. It’s been a lifetime of proving that she is allowed to exist in her own sphere. The Lives of Edie Pritchard tells the story of one woman just trying to be herself, even as multiple men attempt to categorize and own her.

Triumphant, engaging, and perceptive, Watson’s novel examines a woman both aware of her physical power and constrained by it, and how perceptions of someone in a small town can shape her life through the decades.

This conversation is part of Humanities North Dakota's One Book, One North Dakota program, with support from the Paris Family Foundatiion..

Sunday, October 11, at 5pm:

"How Important is the Brain to the Great Philosophical Questions?"

This month on Why?, host Jack Russell Weinstein is joined by philosopher Patricia Churchland.

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Sunday, October 4, 5pm CT:

The Great American Folk Show returns this weekend with a new episode! 

Episode 6 features musicians Chuck SuchySuzanne Vallie, and Lisa Sanders; Poets Bridgette Bianca and Gino Sky; Folk artist Angelina Elise; and zine maker Jonas Cannon.

The show is written, recorded, and hosted by folksinger and songwriter Tom Brosseau, announced by Joe Wiegand, produced by Prairie Public Broadcasting, and supported by Hugo's Family Marketplace in Grand Forks, ND. 

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