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WHY? - Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life

Second Sunday of each month, at 5:00pm CT
  • Hosted by Jack Russell Weinstein

Join us each month as we engage in philosophical discussions about the most common-place topics with host Jack Russell Weinstein, professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Dakota. He is the director of The Institute for Philosophy in Public Life.

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Ways to Connect

Host Jack Russell Weinstein visits with Patrick Kabanda, the author of "The Creative Wealth of Nations: Can the Arts Advance Development?"

Host Jack Russell Weinstein visits with Cristina Bicchieri, professor of social thought and comparative ethics at the University of Pennsylvania. Their topic is, “Can we change social norms?”

“What Does Wellness Mean and How Do We Get There?”

Jun 9, 2019

Host Jack Russell Weinstein visits with John Ratey, an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. His books writings include the groundbreaking ADD-ADHD “Driven to Distraction” series with Ned Hallowell, MD. His book "Spark-The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain," established him as one of the world's foremost authorities on the brain-fitness connection.  His most recent book, “Go Wild” explores how we can achieve optimal physical and mental health by getting in touch with our caveman roots, and how we can “re-wild” our lives.


Host Jack Russell Weinstein visits with journalist, and science fiction author Cory Doctorow, who serves as co-editor of the Boing Boing blog.

A special episode of Why? Radio in which host Jack Russell Weinstein remembers David N. Mowry, his professor and mentor who passed away on April 23, 2019.

“How Does Misinformation Spread?”

Apr 14, 2019

Host Jack Russell Weinstein visits with Cailin O’Connor and James Owen Weatherall, authors of "The Misinformation Age: How False Beliefs Spread."  They expolore why, apart from any evidence, people's beliefs can depend on several social factors, allowing even demonstrably false beliefs to persist.

"The Logic of Jazz"

Mar 27, 2019

This episode celebrates Why? Radio’s tenth birthday with a musical exploration of the origins, meaning, experience, and, of course, music of jazz. How do newcomers start listening to the music? How do musicians discover new ways to play? And, what makes the best jazz tracks important and enjoyable? Join us as Mark Weinstein, jazz flutist, philosopher, and our host’s father, explores America’s music, explaining music theory, improvisation, and whether music is discovered or invented.

This episode was recorded before a live audience at the Empire Arts Center in downtown Grand Forks, ND.

"What is Sharia Law?"

Feb 10, 2019

Some Americans have been haunted by the specter of Sharia law, but how many really know what it is? Surely, it’s not the caricature of religious fascism and xenophobia that some claim. On this episode of Why? Radio, we take a philosophical look at Sharia law, its tradition, variations, and the worldview it provides. Host Jack Russell Weinstein visits with Robert Gleave, professor of Arabic studies, University of Exeter.


When people think of literacy, they think of simple reading and writing. But literacy is more complicated than that. On this episode of WHY, host Jack Russell Weinstein visits with Kim Donehower, UND professor of English.


Jack Russell Weinstein discusses police ethics with Luke Hunt of Radford University in Virginia.