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Editor Jailed


One doesn’t normally think of newspaper editors as life threatening, but in 1910, on this date, one was sitting in jail in Cando. Mr. Treadwell, editor of a Rock Lake newspaper, had shot two men in a pool room several days before, and nobody was sure if the men would survive.

The District Judge in Towner County set bail at $2,000 – a thousand for each victim, but Rock Lake folks wanted the judge to raise it.

The Devils Lake Journal read, “It seems that the people of Rock Lake are afraid of the editor, and as he has made threats on different occasions and is believed to be insane at times, the citizens are afraid that, if released, he will return to Rock Lake and do more damage. For this reason... a petition has been... forwarded to the judge... the prayer of which is that the amount of the bonds be increased.”

Unfortunately, the Rock Lake paper didn’t publish the outcome; the editor was away from his desk.

Dakota Datebook written by Merry Helm