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Big Whoo


A celebrity named Big Whoo came up from South Dakota to go on tour here in 1959. Between October 19th and October 24rd, he made appearances at the Sandhill Feeders Sale in McCleod, the Harrington Livestock Sale in Valley City, the Dakota Maid Warehouse in Fargo, and at the Harrington Livestock Sale in Mayville. On this date, October 23rd, he was the featured guest at the Jamestown Livestock Auction.

Big Whoo’s appearances were free and open to the public, and people who attended could get $5 per ton discounts on Dakota Maid Feed. The publicity read, “Come and see BIG WHOO – largest steer of the Dakotas! BIG WHOO is 3200 pounds of beef (who)...got his start with Dakota Maid Calf Meal... P.S. Be sure to see ‘Little Whoo,’ little brother of ‘Big Whoo.’”

Dakota Datebook written by Merry Helm