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Buster Goes Back Home


It was on this date in 1915 that the Hansboro News reported the following story from Wolford, northeast of Rugby:

“Buster, the big, old bloodhound that has made his home at the Third Avenue livery barn since Meyers’ animal show was here last summer, walked, ran or trotted from Minot to Wolford, a journey of close to 100 miles, in less than twenty-four hours. Buster was shipped by express to a man named Olson, living in Minot, last week. He kept the animal tied up for a few days in order to accustom him to his new home but turned him loose for a little exercise.

The next seen or heard of Buster was when John Finkenbinder came down to the livery barn and found him at the door waiting to get in. How he found his way and covered the distance between Minot and Wolford in such a short space of time are among the things hard to explain.”

Written by Merry Helm