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Bootleg Fracas


In late summer 1910, the Hansboro News reported: “[A] row started over a lot of boot-leg liquor which had been brought in by one Ben Crayton and peddled out rather freely during the day. Toward evening Ben...made his getaway from the now intoxicated bunch.

When Ben could not be found and no more liquor could be secured, Paddy Mayse, who has assisted Ben with his peddling for some time, rose to the occasion and...broke in to the shack where Ben had the joy water stored... When Ben became aware of what had happened he went after Paddy. In a short time there was a general fight and even those who were in constant attendance can not tell just how many there were. Paddy Mayse asserts that he had six fights in twenty minutes and got whipped every time.

Source: “Disgrace upon disgrace: alleged boot-leggers are arrested.” Hansboro News. September 9, 1910.

Dakota Datebook written by Merry Helm