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More Letters to Santa


In 1930, there was great speculation of whether letters to Santa Claus might induce the jolly fellow to make a personal visit to ND. Lenard Moffit wrote, “I am reading the Bismarck Tribune about Santa Claus. Do you think he will come to my house. I am 10 years old and live five miles south of Dunn Center, the place where the windmill [is] right besides the road. Our chimney is pretty small but you can leave some presents on the back porch. I want a box of paints.

“I got two little sister six and nine year old and one little brother seven year old. He wants a toy automobile. You know that girls always like dolls and candy, but they need handkerchiefs most. There are some kids live near us, will you please remember them. If I am asking too much of you leave out my paints and give them something. Their names are Paul Stuart, 12 years. Oliver 10 years. Dorothy Stuart 7 years and Ruth three years.”

Source: Bismarck Tribune. 15 Dec 1930.

Dakota Datebook written by Merry Helm