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Cream Can Crime


North Dakota dairy farmers used to hand-deliver cream to cream stations in thigh-high metal cream cans. About this time in 1929, the Bismarck Tribune reported:

“Farmers using cream cans owned by creameries or cream stations are being warned by the state dairy department to return them. The law provides that cream cans must remain in the possession of the person or firm owning them and may not be loaned out. It also provides a penalty for persons having cream cans in their possession to which they have no title.

“The law was passed, E. A. Greenwood, dairy commissioner, said, to prevent cream cans from being contaminated by being filled with oil, gasoline or other liquids which would seriously reduce the value of cream placed in them after they had been used for such purposes. Agents for the state dairy department are placing posters in cream stations and creameries, calling attention to the law.”

Written by Merry Helm

Source: Farmers violate cream can statute. The Bismarck Tribune. 9 May 1929.