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Lucky Lightening Strike


A Ward County farmer had a fortunate stroke of luck on this day in 1908. Homesteader Harry Corwin, residing on his claim five miles south of Minot, reported a bolt of lightning striking the stovepipe of his shack—while he was inside of it, weathering the storm. Corwin watched as the lightning ran along the stovepipe, and into the stove, before crossing the floor, running under his chair, and exiting through the side of the wall. The lightning blew the lids off of the stove and punctured the pan and kettle that had been resting on its top. When it ripped through the floor, it tore up the boards and threw the dishes from the dinner table. The homesteader himself was thrown from his chair and left in a state of shock, but fortunately unharmed. The shack was left with scars from the strike, but surprisingly did not catch fire. Corwin added “…that the call was close enough to satisfy his curiosity with regard to lightning and its behavior.”


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