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McClusky’s Miracle Healer


For several years, Mary Singer of Harvey had been very ill and was unable to take care of her five young boys. She grew worse, and it seemed she would need a miracle to help her recover. The Harvey Herald reported today in 1921 that she got that miracle.

The miracle’s name was Anton Ness, a religious doctor from McClusky. Since 1918, Ness had been meeting with patients who were pronounced incurable. It usually took only two treatments and his clients felt better than they ever had before. News spread and soon Ness was meeting with people from 7 AM to 6 PM each day and appointments were booked months in advance.

This miracle healer did not prescribe medicine, but instead wanted his patients to rely on faith. Ness described his healing power as “the prophesy of the ages. The heavenly good working through [me]. It comes from the land where we all hope to go when our bodies have been laid away.”

Ness remained in McClusky until 1923 when he moved his office to Mandan. North Dakota lost its miracle healer in a car accident in Tower City years later. Over the course of his career, Ness treated more than 30,000 people from six states and Canada.

By Tessa Sandstrom


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