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Santa Claus Lane


Fargo Forum Staff Writer, Alma Riggle, wrote an editorial column on her recent visit to California on this day in 1934. Riggle wrote that she was delighted to find a piece of North Dakota while visiting Hollywood Boulevard, as ‘Santa Claus Lane’ had opened only the week before. The lane featured a Christmas tree from every state in the union. The trees were decorated and topped with each state‘s flag and featured a small plaque to tell about the state. Although the columnist quickly found North Dakota’s tree midway down the lane in front of the Christie hotel, Riggle was disappointed to find that the North Dakota plaque included many inaccuracies about the state, including that the Verendrye brothers had seen the Rocky Mountains from North Dakota, and highlighting that the state used light beacons for night flying, which was a common practice in every state of the union.


Fargo Forum and Daily Tribune (Morning ed.). December 16, 1934: p. 3.

--Jayme L. Job