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Casualties of the World War


On this day in 1920 the statistic were in for the World War. North Dakota lost five officers and 351 men killed in action; three officers and 171 men died from disease, one officer and 11 men died from accidents, one officer was drowned, one enlisted man died a suicide, one officer and 25 enlisted men died from causes undetermined and 10 men were missing and presumed dead, making a total of 13 officers and 687 men as North Dakota's toll in the War.

One North Dakota man died as a prisoner of war and 34 North Dakota men taken prisoner were repatriated.

North Dakota saw 20 officers and 745 men slightly wounded, 15 officers and 743 men severely wounded and 8 officers and 294 men wounded in a degree yet undetermined with the total number of wounded being 43 officers and 1,782 men.

The total casualties for World War I was 56 officers and 2,504 men for North Dakota compared to 56 officers and 1,811 men from South Dakota.

By Jim Davis

Source: The Rhame Review March 11, 1920 Page 4.