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Charles Lindbergh


As an excited crowd of North Dakotans watched, the “Spirit of St. Louis” came to a rolling stop on a private landing strip called Hector Field. On this day, August 26, 1927, aviator Charles Lindbergh stepped from his plane to greet the people of Fargo as part of a three month nation-wide tour to promote the construction of airports and commercial aviation. In an interview with the Fargo Forum, Lindbergh stated that Fargo’s possibilities were greater than most cities of its size because of its strategic location for the big airlines. During his visit, called the biggest day in Fargo history by the Fargo Forum, support for commercial aviation was promised by congressmen and other officials.

The following month, Martin Hector leased his landing field to the city at $1 per year. Less than a year later, Northwest Airlines began scheduled weekly flights into Fargo.

Written by Christina Sunwall


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