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Chester Reiten


Chester “Chet” Reiten was born in Hastings, a little town in Bottineau County on March 17th, 1923. After serving in the US Navy during World War Two, Reiten attended the North Dakota Agricultural College (now NDSU), graduating with a degree in agriculture. He worked as a county agent until entering the radio and television industry in 1951, eventually growing his company to a multi-million dollar business of four television and three radio stations in North Dakota. Chet Reiten has also served as Mayor of Minot and as state senator. Reiten enjoyed his life in business and public service, but today his favorite thing to do his roam the halls of the State Fair Center during the Norsk Hostfest, the Nordic festival he founded in 1978, wearing his Bunad, the traditional Norwegian costume, and asking visitors…”Where are you from”?

By Merrill Piepkorn