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Fu Manchu


On this day in 1932 the citizens of Wahpeton were concerned with the well being of Dr. Fu Manchu, however this was not the Oriental arch villain created in 1913 by Sax Rhomer in his book, The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu. The Wahpeton version was a four legged kind, a Chinese chow owned by Dr. J. W. Pangman who was often seen in the city as a fixture in the doctor’s car as he made his rounds.

Fu preferred to grace the running-board on the doctor’s car and there he traveled confidently, huddled close to the side of the car. On this particular day his attention was distracted by a bouncing bunny as they whizzed down the road. Fu turned to utter at least a farewell growl at which point he tumbled unceremoniously into the street probably much to the amusement of the rabbit. He landed in a heap, badly bruised having broken his leg near the thigh. Dr. Pangman offered his medical skills to comfort his canine pal and stated that Dr. Fu Manchu would be up and around soon.

Today we know that seatbelts are mandatory for safety but in 1932 perhaps we should have been looking at a seatbelt... on a running-board ... for a dog?

By Jim Davis


Richland County Farmer Globe June 3, 1932