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North Dakota Meteor


Several rural families near Carrington, North Dakota were given an aerial show on this day in 1910 when a large meteor fell from the sky in that vicinity. The meteor, over five feet in diameter, crashed to the earth seven and a half miles northwest of Carrington. To the rural residents who had the pleasure of viewing the object, the meteor was described as a “…huge ball [having] all the colors of the rainbow”. It fell without a sound, and no noise was heard until the meteor crashed into an empty field. Curious onlookers rushed to the scene of the crash and found the large rock glowing white with heat. They reported that the meteor took a full twenty-four hours to cool; at that time, the growing group of spectators began to dig the heaven-sent treasure out of the earth with hopes of displaying it in Carrington.


The Fargo Forum and Daily Republican (Evening ed.). January 15, 1910: p. 1.

--Jayme L. Job