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Poker Game Murder


On this date in 1910, a friendly poker game in downtown Fargo turned violent.

James Hutchinson was playing a friendly game of poker in the back of White’s Barber Shop in downtown Fargo.

One of the other poker players at the table was a man known in the area as “Any Old Thing.”

Before long, things started getting heated. Accusations of cheating began flying around the small room. Suddenly, “Any Old Thing” produced a revolver, and pulled the trigger. Hutchinson, shot in the heart, slumped over the table, and died instantly.

“Any Old Thing” took immediate flight, making his way into Moorhead across the footbridge.

“Any Old Thing” was never found.

by Dave Seifert

Source: The Fargo Forum and Daily Republican, Thursday Evening, September 22, 1910. pg. 1