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Rum Runners Nabbed


Another example that crime doesn’t pay proved itself again on this date in 1931.

With prohibition in full swing, and hoping to make a quick profit, Arthur Gould and George Kuhnle of Winnipeg loaded up their car with 675 bottles of beer and three cases of liquor. Destination: North Dakota.

After a suspicious border crossing, a chase ensued between the “rum runners” and local authorities.

Finally near Sarles, North Dakota, the police were able to shoot out the back tires of the bootleg vehicle. Once the authorities found the illegal hooch, the two men were arrested and taken to the county jail in Grand Forks.

In this case, not only did crime not pay, but cost the rumrunners a fine and time in jail.

Sources: The Fargo Forum and Daily Republican, Evening Edition, August 12, 1931. pg. 3.

Writeen by Dave Seifert