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Alice Lee Roosevelt


This day February 17, 1884, Alice Lee Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt’s first child was christened. Three days earlier, Roosevelt had lost both his wife and mother. To cope with his sorrow, he moved to a ranch in Dakota Territory, leaving Alice in the care of his older sister, Bamie.

Alice was eventually reunited with her father and grew into a strong-willed, politically active woman, who played poker with Warren G. Harding, was a favorite dinner guest of John F. Kennedy and trusted friend of Richard Nixon.

Alice Roosevelt never visited North Dakota, yet she did visit the Maltese Cross cabin. For the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, Theodore Roosevelt’s cabin was moved to Missouri and put on display in the fair’s North Dakota exhibit. While at the fair, Alice Roosevelt visited her father’s old cabin and marked the occasion by placing a silver plaque on the front door.

Written by Lane Sunwall


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