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Sgt. Jack J. Pendleton


Born in Sentinel Butte, North Dakota, Staff Sergeant Jack Pendleton was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in Bardenberg, Germany on this day in 1944. Sacrificing his own life, Pendleton deliberately diverted the attention of an enemy machine gunner, enabling the entire company to advance and complete their mission.

In his honor, a World War Two victory ship, the Mandan Victory, was renamed Sgt. Jack J. Pendleton in 1948. Transferred to the Navy in 1950 the USNS Sgt. Jack J. Pendleton served as a cargo ship and aircraft ferry during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Peacetime destinations ranged from the Aleutians to the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal.

In 1973, the Sgt Jack J. Pendleton ran aground on a reef in the South China Sea. Attempts to salvage the ship, named for the heroic North Dakotan, failed.

Written by Christina Sunwall


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