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Home Grown: German-Russian Farm Kids Remember "Barn Fire"


Home Grown: German-Russian Farm Kids Remember

"Barn Fire"

Edna Lu Ella (Weisz) Buck

Interviewed: Fargo, ND, 03 May 2008

Born: Lehr, ND, 07 January 1923

Oh, I can't remember I was probably 12 or 13 when our barn burned and us kids were dumb enough to think we could put it out by running to the well and getting water when the cows were in the barn at the time and my mother went in to take them off the chains and she took too long and the fire got too strong. Mom came out of the barn and collapsed at the barn door from smoke inhalation and my sister and I pulled her away and as we pulled her away the barn door, the front part of the barn came down. Her face was badly burned, and at that time all we had was a country doctor and the ministers wife was a retired nurse from Leonard, she come out daily and she and Grandma Esther healed Mom's face and she had very little scarring after. I remember Dad taking her to Napoleon to the Doctor, and he bandaged her face. Wrapped it and the next morning only the eyes weren't in the bandage and they were swollen shut so bad that she couldn't see and we were afraid of her. I don't know what it was that, I really don't remember what it was they used to heal it but, the ministers wife and grandma took the bandages off and said that they needed air to heal and she recovered amazingly.