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James Burdick


The appointment of James H. Burdick as U. S. Marshal of Dakota Territory was confirmed by the Senate on this date in 1872. Burdick was appointed by the U. S. Attorney General at the request of President Ulysses S. Grant. He was to replace the standing Marshal, Laban H. Litchfield, who had been in office for over seven years and was accused of several violations of office, including public indecency, a very public addiction to gambling, the transport of opium into the territory, neglect of duties, and subpoenaing "women of disreputable reputation" without apparent reason or cause. Burdick, an upstanding Dakota judge, appeared the ideal candidate for the office, and was hand-picked by Grant. He served the office admirably, and was reconfirmed in 1877 for a second term.

Dakota Datebook writtem by Jayme L. Job



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