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The War in Iraq/ND Guard Casualties


The War in Iraq began on March 20th, 2003.

(President Bush audio from MS NBC) "On my orders coalition forces have begun striking selective targets of military importance to undermine Saddam Hussein's ability to wage war. These are opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign."

(Dan Rather audio from CBS Evening News) "Now Washington keeps emphasizing that the main aerial bombardment campaign, the ‘shock and awe' campaign from the air, has not yet started, although there was a second attack on Baghdad today which was bigger than the attack last night. Still, Washington says, this is not the big one. Nor, says Washington, is what you're seeing on the ground, what you're hearing on the ground...that's not the main ground invasion getting started yet. When those two are to start, the big overpowering air campaign, and what is hoped to be a big overpowering ground force, which will race in a matter of days to at least the outskirts of Baghdad...that's the hope...that has not been launched either."

President Barack Obama campaigned on the promise to responsibly end the War in Iraq. When that time does come, we will again think of, and thank our North Dakota Army National Guard Soldiers who gave their lives in that war in service to their country. Following is a list of those Guard soldiers who were killed in action during Operation Iraqi Freedom or in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. The soldiers are listed by name, age at the time of death, and hometown.

Specialist John Fettig, 30, Dickinson

Staff Sergeant Kenneth Hendrickson, 41, Bismarck

Sergeant Keith Smette, 25, Fargo

Specialist Phillip D. Brown, 21, Jamestown

Specialist James Holmes, 28, Grand Forks

Staff Sergeant Lance Koenig, 33, Fargo

Specialist Cody Wentz, 21, Williston

Specialist Michael Hermanson, 21, Fargo

Sergeant Travis Vanzoest, 21, Bismarck

Specialist Curtis Meher, 21, Bismarck

Corporal Nathan Goodirion, 25, Mandaree

Corporal Christopher Kleinwachter, 29 Wahpeton