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Wynn and the Non-Swearing Knights


It was on this date in 1940 that railroad conductor Robert C. Wynn would take his last train ride to his final resting place. Born in Ohio in 1855, Wynn came to North Dakota in 1900 from Indiana while employed with the Great Northern Railroad. He worked on the Granville-Sherwood line until his retirement in 1933. In 1914, North Dakota Governor Louis B. Hannah affixed the title of Colonel to him, which he retained for the rest of his life.

Col. Wynn became nationally recognized for founding an organization known as the Non-Swearing Knights of America, which discouraged the use of profanity, particularly among railroad men. He ran his anti-profanity campaign from his train, which he called the "Sunshine Limited." The card was carried by over 7,000 railroad men and others across the United States who swore not to swear.

By Jim Davis


The Minot Daily News- February 20,, 1940

The Kenmare News- February 22, 1940