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The town of Langdon, in Cavalier County, was incorporated in 1888. It has called itself the “Durum Capital of the World,” and presently claims it’s “The Western Gateway to the Rendezvous Region,” with a strong desire for great living, an emphasis on family and friends, and a desire to keep the city and county thriving.

The Langdon Research Extension Center was established in 1909, and is still in use today. It is one mile east of Langdon on US Highway 5. The research conducts tests on all crops grown in North Dakota, but focuses on hard red spring wheat, winter wheat, canola, flax, soybeans, dry edible beans and other crops that dominate acreage in the 9-region section it serves.

On this date in 1909, the Extension Center was still in the planning stages – then called an experimental farm station. The Cavalier County Republican, the local newspaper, reported on one of the meetings that helped set up the station:

“… the question was how to raise the money to buy the land.” They finally appointed a committee of three men to “get options” on available land within a three mile limit. They also appointed a committee of five men, who could appoint more members as needed, to begin raising money for the station. They were instructed to begin immediately. “At this point several members of the meeting spoke, among them Senator Plain, who explained that if this opportunity was permitted to slip by there probably would not be another chance.”

Afterward, the committee raised over $1300 in “scarcely half” of the city, “thus indicating,” the newspaper reported,” that at least $3000 will be raised here, which is a most excellent showing of the proper spirit on the part of our citizens.”

More than a hundred years later, the Extension Farm in Langdon has lots of land and space…thanks to the efforts of those men and women so many years ago.

Dakota Datebook written by Sarah Walker


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