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Bismarck Hail Storm


An incredible thunderstorm struck Bismarck on this date in 2001, causing millions of dollars in damage and leaving up to six feet of hail piled up in some areas. Afterward, the fresh hail resembled blankets of snow, clogging storm drains and underpasses, which led to flooding. Part of a super-cell, the storm formed in the western part of the state and traveled east along I-94. Tornadoes and hail were reported in many rural areas, but the most damage occurred in Bismarck, with some residents reporting baseball-size hail. Fifty-mile-an-hour winds pummeled the hail against vehicles and buildings throughout the afternoon and into the evening. No deaths were reported, although numerous injuries occurred across the state. The storm resulted in the single largest number of insurance filings in state history, even more than the 1997 floods.

Dakota Datebook written by Jayme Job