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Break-Down Births


News reports today abound with stories of inclement weather, unusual births, and even drivers struck by car trouble, but rarely do we hear stories that include all three. In 1922, however, a couple of eastern tourists were traveling through the state on their way to Montana when a heavy rainstorm moved in. Intent on reaching their destination, the couple pressed on from Bismarck, but soon the roads turned into rivers of mud, and three miles east of Dickinson, the car became completely bogged down. The driver left his wife and went into the city to get help. But when he and another man returned, imagine their surprise when they found the man’s wife had given birth to two healthy babies!

Dakota Datebook written by Jayme L. Job

Sources: (Dakota Death Trip blog posted by D. Dahlsad, The Bismarck Tribune, May 18, 1922).