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Herd Boars


Charles Whitteron, a farmer near Bottineau, North Dakota, was recuperating after an animal attack on this date in 1922. The day before, Whitteron fought for his life when his own herd boar attacked him in the breeding corral. Herd boars are full-grown adult hogs kept for breeding purposes, and they’re notoriously dangerous. They are chosen for their large size, musculature, and heavy frame. Although it is now common practice to remove the tusks of herd boars, earlier farmers often kept the tusks intact for show purposes. Despite the fact that Whitteron’s boar had knocked him down, his trusty collie managed to fight the boar off before the farmer’s injuries could become fatal.

Dakota Datebook written by Jayme L. Job

Sources: (Dakota Death Trip blog posted by D. Dahlsad, The Bismarck Tribune, May 31, 1922).