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Nakota Piebe Homestead Inka


On this date in 1932, a cow by name of Nakota Piebe Homestead Inka was on the minds of many North Dakotans. Inka had broken a world record—for producing milk and butterfat.

Inka was owned by the North Dakota Agricultural College. She was a “third generation cow,” descended from “the old foundation cow, Madison Miss Ormsby.”

In just one year, Inka produced 21,482 pounds of milk and 843.1 pounds of butterfat! She beat the previous record for her age in butterfat, and also broke the world’s milk record, formerly held by Echo Waldorf Clyde, a cow from Ontario.

So when it came to world records, Inka said, “Mooooooooooove over!”

Dakota Datebook written by Sarah Walker


The Sharon Reporter, March 18, 1932