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Love’s Effects


Most people have been through a bad breakup. Whether in middle school or later in life, almost everyone has had to suffer with heartbreak. Nobody enjoys a bad breakup, but they handle it differently. Unfortunately, the most spiteful seek revenge; and in this day and age, people can get particularly creative with that revenge.

In September of 2000, Patrick Zidon, a North Dakota resident, and Linda Pickrell, a Colorado resident, met online. They hit it off and began an online romance that lasted four years. Sadly, in 2004, they had a horrible breakup. However, Pickrell had to get in one last word. She launched a website with the url: "" , and titled it, “Monster of Love: Surviving Love, Sex Addicts and Spiritual Predators.” She released the website to the public, and also emailed links to Bismarck residents.

Zidon was not happy when he found out about his new internet fame. He was so displeased that he took the matter to court. However, the court system was created before the internet, so it was hard for Zidon to make his case. He attempted to file a temporary restraining order, claiming emotional distress and damage to his reputation, but it was determined since there was no, “immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage,” his request was denied in a ruling issued on this date in 2004. Still determined, he filed for injunctive relief in an attempt to regain some dignity.

Pickrell tried to claim that the court didn’t have jurisdiction over her since she was a Colorado resident and Zidon had filed his claim in North Dakota District Court. However, because her website was clearly directed at a resident of North Dakota and had effects there, the court did have jurisdiction. Ultimately, the matter was apparently, with an online posting claiming that Zidon was to receive an $8000 out of court settlement, and is no longer active.

A cautionary tale for modern times.

A Dakota Datebook written by Lucid Thomas