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PBS Kids Writers Contest ~ Prakash Mathew ~ Souris River Flood

The PBS Kids Writers Contest brings in submissions from around the state. Here to share some of those stories is Christine McClellan, Prairie Public's digital communications specialist.

On this Thursday’s Prairie Pulse show, John’s guest is retired NDSU dean Prakash Mathew, who discusses his book “We Are Called … to do The Right Thing.” We share a clip from that conversation.

Hemp is a rather new crop with tantalizing potential, but it has proven risky. Reporting for Harvest Public Media, Brian Grimmett explores why it’s been more difficult than some expected and how they’d like a little more help from the government.

After the Souris River Flood of 2011 many people asked, "could this have been prevented?" We visit with Tom Pabian, the refuge manager of the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge. Of the dams that help manage levels of all the water in the Souris Basin, the Lake Darling Dam -- the only one in the US -- is the last line of defense against floods. But a major problem with that comes from the fact that when the Lake Darling Dam was built, flood control was not its primary function.