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May 15, 2022: Small Change: Women of Color Building a Business Legacy


Sunday, May 15, at 5pm:

Women of Color Building a Business Legacy

This episode of "Small Change" highlights the stories of five minority women-owned small business owners—Native, Black and Latina—and looks at the time and sweat equity it took to start the businesses, the critical pivots they made to keep their businesses afloat during the early months of the pandemic, and what they are doing now to keep their businesses running and growing.

Small Change: Money Stories from the Neighborhood is a podcast and learning platform highlighting smart, practical, and collaborative money skills developed by people living with lower and unstable incomes. Hosts Chris Farrell and Twila Dang talk to community members who are redefining wealth, the value of community and the purpose of money. Money wisdom taught by the true experts –people who have learned from experience.

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