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November 6, 2022: How do you navigate the holidays when estranged from your family?

Sunday, November 6, at 5pm:

What is the holiday season like when you're disconnected from your nuclear family? The Embodied podcast presents "Estranged," a radio special about finding belonging when your family bonds are broken.

Host Anita Rao meets two women who — by choice or circumstance — became estranged from their parents. Writer Raksha Vasudevan shares how being an immigrant shapes how she thinks about creating distance from her family, and Tiffany Scott talks about what it was like to be ghosted by her dad. The two reflect on finding belonging elsewhere and seeking support from non-traditional sources. Anita also learns from two siblings who were estranged for more than 40 years that while reconciliation is possible, it's not for everyone.

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