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The Great American Folk Show: Episode 59

Photo: Eric and Jackie Hylden

The Great American Folk Show is a little place on the radio where we commune with you to share stories, sing songs, and talk to some good people with great voices.

On the last day of 2022, we're taking a look back at some of the guests that really left an artistic impression on this program. Episode 59 features musicians Trio from Hell, A-Day, Lisa Lambe, Sons of the Pioneers, and Marianne Dissard. Plus, Kearny Public Library director Matthew Williams, and a Taco Bell food review from Grand Forks columnist Marilyn Hagerty.

The Great American Folk Show is written, recorded, and hosted by folksinger and songwriter Tom Brosseau, announced by Joe Wiegand, and produced by Prairie Public Broadcasting. Original instrumentation by Burkum Boys. Additional music by Sean Watkins. Special flyer design by DLT. Photo by Eric and Jackie Hylden.

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