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D'Ya NoDak?

For more than 40 years, news director Dave Thompson has covered North Dakota politics, and he's seen it all — from the crash of family farms in the 1980s to the oil boom of the early 21st century. What he's seeing leading up to the 2024 election is no less notable.

In his weekly e-newsletter D'Ya NoDak, he gives readers the history and context to need to stay informed about this election season.

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Latest Stories
  • The governor’s race is heating up with state senator Merrill Piepkorn seeking the Dem-NPL nomination in April. Piepkorn, a Dakota Datebook reader on Prairie Public and the former host of Hear It Now, is known for his folksy demeanor and optimism. He walks into the convention with a distinct advantage: there’s not a lot of desire to seek the Democratic nomination for governor.
  • With the North Dakota party endorsing conventions coming up in April, we’ve been pondering whether they still matter. The answer is, at best, fuzzy. But let's follow each argument.
  • The state political conventions are coming up. They’re on the same weekend, in the same city (Fargo). It never used to be that way. The party leaders used to have an informal confab, and have them on separate weekends in order to not split news coverage. And some are asking: “Do conventions matter anymore?”