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Poker Jim

Oct 28, 2020

Elders in McKenzie County, North Dakota remember regional folk legend “Poker Jim,” an itinerant cowboy and card-playing enthusiast in this dramatic yet humorous story.

"The Kid Detective"

Oct 24, 2020

"A once-celebrated kid detective, now 31, continues to solve the same trivial mysteries between hangovers and bouts of self-pity. But a naive client brings him his first adult case -- to find out who brutally murdered her boyfriend."

Larry Woiwode

Oct 23, 2020
Larry Woiwode

Larry Woiwode is North Dakota's Poet Laureate.  From his celebrated novel "Beyond the Bedroom Wall" through his publication in top national literary magazines, his prose and poetry have continually drawn appreciation and awards.

We asked him to give us the text of what he recited for this piece.  His first recitation was from a poem called "20" and here is what he sent.


Tell Tale: Dakota Folklife and Stories” is a new project from the North Dakota Council on the Arts. It’s a collection of narratives describing the shared personal experiences and lore of life on the North Dakota plains. Employing interviews with senior citizens, it’s part of the Art for Life Program, which seeks to improve the emotional and physical health of elders through art and artist interaction. Joining us are state folklorist Troyd Geist, and Makoche Studios producer David Swenson.

The latest comedy effort from Robert De Niro.

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The Great American Folk Show is a little place on the radio where we commune with you to share stories, sing songs, and talk to some good people with great voices.

Episode Six features musicians Chuck Suchy, Suzanne Vallie, and Lisa Sanders; Poets Bridgette Bianca and Gino Sky; Folk artist Angelina Elise; and zine maker Jonas Cannon. 


Documentary or feature film? A delightful tale of a real Mongolian family.

A fascinating documentary on a terrible movie. So terrible, it never got released!

Shadd Piehl -- "Masks"

Sep 29, 2020
Shadd Piehl

A fifth-generation North Dakotan, Shadd Piehl’s poetry has appeared in the anthologies, Between Earth and Sky: Contemporary Cowboy Poets, Maverick Western Verse, Brushstrokes and Balladeers, and the magazines Aluminum Canoe, Pemmican, Red Weather, and Dry Crik Review, among others. A private investigator and adjunct English instructor, Shadd lives along Crown Butte Creek in the Heart River valley west of Mandan with his family.


Believe me it is much better to hide;

Jamie Parsley

More on Jamie at

Jamie Parsley
is an accomplished and award-winning poet
and Episcopal priest

He is the author of twelve books of poems, one book of short
fiction and, since 2004, has been
an Associate Poet Laureate of North Dakota.