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February 10 at 5pm:

On this month's episode of Why?, tune in as Jack Russell Weinstein and his guest, Exeter University Professor of Arabic Studies Robert Gleave, discuss "What is Sharia Law?"

Matt Reviews "Stan and Ollie"

Feb 4, 2019

Matt Reviews "They Shall Not Grow Old"

Feb 4, 2019

The Dead Milkmen's underground classic Punk Rock Girl inspires new musical that features music of the Yeah  Yeah Yeahs, Bikini Kill, Blondie and Pat Benatar, The Nationals are the subject of a new podcast, Bob Dylan contributes lyrics to new narrative podcast and Columbia Records president hypes long-awaited Vampire Weekend album. 


Ringo Starr and Ronnie Wood join Paul McCartney at his London gig last night for a spirited rendition of "Get Back," Russian Prez Vladimir Putin doesn't want to ban rap music, just control it and Taylor Swift employs facial recognition software at one of her concerts to combat stalkers. 


Peter Murphy removed by security for drunken behavior at his Bauhaus 40th anniversary gig in Sweden, jazz legend, actress, activist and NPR host Nancy Wilson dies and film director Thom Zimny says his documentary of Bruce Springsteen's Broadway run, which premieres Sunday on Netflix better captures The Boss's emotions than seeing it at the theater.

The holiday season abounds with special events and performances, but few are as weird and beautiful as Tuba Christmas. These locally organized events take place all over the U.S. (and in some other countries as well). You sign up with the national organization, pay a nominal fee, and get the specially arranged music. Tuba and tuba-related instruments like the euphonium, baritone and sousaphone are mostly on the back benches of the orchestra. They rarely get the lovely melodies that go to higher-pitched instruments. At Tuba Christmas, they do it all. The events usually take place in public spaces where people can come upon it easily -- shopping malls are favored. For the listeners, a common response is awe at the warm, enveloping, resonant sound.

December 16 at 5pm:

We're bring Vinyl Cafe back for a special holiday broadcast—two stories about Christmas in Dave’s neighbourhood. In the first half of the show, it’s Christmas with Rasheeda and Ahmeer. In the second half, it’s Polly Anderson’s Christmas Party.