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Frank's Extra Mile -- Where Starion Came From

May 3, 2019
Starion Bank

Doug Hamilton interviews the author of a book about the founder of what is now Starion Bank.  Frank Larson bought a bank in Oakes, North Dakota in 1969.  As of this interview, Starion has 250 employees and 15 locations.  The interview brings out some of the stories in the book, and the process of writing it. 

Medical Marijuana sales begin in N.D.

Feb 28, 2019
T.McDonald / Prairie Public

The idea of allowing medical marijuana sales was approved by North Dakota voters in November of 2016. The ability to make those purchases becomes official Friday as “The Botanist” opens in Fargo. Prairie Public reporter Todd McDonald has details...

UPS opens Fargo gateway

Nov 6, 2018
T.McDonald / Prairie Public

Ribbon cutting ceremonies were held Monday for the newest tennant at Fargo's Hector International airport. Prairie Public reporter Todd McDonald has details...

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Republican leaders have rolled out their “Operation Prairie Dog,” to provide a permanent source for highway infrastructure projects.

It uses a portion of the oil tax to fund those projects.

Normally, highway projects are funded through state gasoline taxes. But Greater North Dakota Chamber President and CEO Arik Spencer said there doesn’t seem to be a lot of support to raise gas taxes.

More than 1000 Internet retailers have registered with the North Dakota Tax department, saying they will start collecting North Dakota state sales taxes.

Monday was the deadline for companies to register.

North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger said Internet retailers with sales of more than $100,000 annually in North Dakota have to start collecting sales tax. He said his department has been focusing compliance efforts on the 1,000 largest national Internet retail sellers.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers brought its “I Make America” tour to Bismarck’s Doosan Bobcat Acceleration Center Thursday.

The tour is part of a campaign by the Association to support infrastructure spending.

"Improving our nation's infrastructure is good for our bottom line," Doosan Bobcat North America President Rich Goldsbury told a crowd of Bobcat employees. "More construction projects means more equipment sales for Bobcat."

But Goldsbury said it means much more than that.

The Bank of North Dakota remains the only state-owned bank in the US.

And Bank President Eric Hardmeyer said he still gets contacts from other states and political subdivisions about it.

"They ask how it works and why it works," Hardmeyer said.

Hardmeyer said what’s driving it is the growing number of states that have legalized either medical or recereational marijuana. Hardmeyer said states are now trying to deal with revenues coming in from this cash-only business.

Kilbourne Group

The project is called “Block 9” and its planned development in downtown Fargo has created some tension between neighbors. Reporter Todd McDonald explains…

Minnesota company considers tariffs and options

Jul 10, 2018

Officials with the electronic components distributor, “Digi-Key” are reviewing President Trump’s plans to impose tariffs on items imported from China and Europe to see what impacts the tariffs could have. Reporter Todd McDonald has details...