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climate change

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The president of a Fargo-based solar installation company says the spotlight on Texas’s electrical grid last week also shines light on systemic problems with energy infrastructure nationwide.

Millions of Texas residents lost power for days when winter storms brought snow, ice and unprecedented frigid temperatures to the state. The unregulated grid was also not winterized or even covered from the elements, leaving it vulnerable to the hazardous conditions.

Ice Age

Aug 24, 2019

Climate change is a subject I hesitate to introduce, for fear of igniting disputes between political partisans debating anthropogenic climate change--that is, change caused by human actions--and what ought to be done about it. I am a historian, so that is not what I do. It is historical climate change that I propose to introduce to the discussion, here, and abroad, among the historical scholars of the Great Plains.

June 17, 2018 Lucy Gebre-Egziabher and Christine Bozarth (Northern Virginia Community College) challenge students around the world to tackle a global issue through film. This year, the issue is climate change.  

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Battles over oil pipelines and oil trains usually focus on the risks of accidents and spills, but a new study finds that air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from oil transportation take a greater financial toll.

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Officials across coal-rich states are cheering an announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency will withdraw the Clean Power Plan. Now, attention turns to how the nation will address greenhouse gas emissions going forward.

The rule put in place by the Obama administration would have required North Dakota to reduce its carbon emissions 45 percent by 2030. The state’s coal industry worried this would force utilities to shut down some coal-fired power plants and, subsequently, the coal mines that feed lignite to these facilities.

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The coal industry is breathing a sigh of relief with Donald Trump about to enter the White House.

He campaigned on an energy platform that would strip away Obama administration regulations on the fossil fuel industry. Chief among them: the Clean Power Plan.