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Antler Development

Nov 7, 2020


Deer gun season started Friday.  No doubt antlers will be the topic of much conversation, some of it even true, whether it is about the one that got away, or what have you.  Most of those conversations will be on the size of the antlers or whether they were typical or atypical.  But there are other aspects to antlers that we give scant attention.  I was reminded of that recently when I ran across an online Smithsonian article about antler development from 2017.  


Dec 7, 2019

Deer gun season is over, but the bow and black powder seasons are not over. And the deer hunting talk amongst hunters and others this time of year often veers into the topic of antlers.

Antlers, please don’t call them horns, are produced by members of the deer family. They are typically found only on males, but in caribou or reindeer, both males and females grow antlers.

Deer Season Mix-Up

Nov 21, 2019

On this date in 1922, hunters greeted the beginning of deer season. Or, rather, they were supposed to. Initially, some had greeted it earlier in the month, on the 10th.