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The president of the North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association said he’s happy Gov. Doug Burgum signed a waiver of hours of service for those who haul propane, gasoline and diesel fuel.

Mike Rud said the wet fall and late harvest is causing increased demands for propane, which is used to  help crops dry out. Rud said that demand is regional, as a number of states issued their own waivers.

"There's probably a 7-state area in the Midwest," Rud said. "Everyone's trying to get the corn and the beans off the fields at the same time, since it was such a wet fall.

The owner of the Dickinson diesel refinery is proposing to convert part of it to produce “renewable diesel fuel.”

Tesoro said the plan is to produce about 5 percent of the diesel from vegetable oils. Tesoro public and government affairs North Dakota director Ron Day said “renewable diesel” is different from “bio-diesel.”

"It's not an additive," Day said in an interview. "It is diesel fuel.'

Day said the labeling will be the same as diesel.

New refinery up and running

May 4, 2015

The new Dakota Prairie diesel refinery near Dickinson is up and running.

"This is the first refinery built in the United States since 1976," said MDU Resources Group director of communications Rick Matteson. The refinery has been under construction for the past two years.

"The refinery will process 20,000 barrels per day of Bakken crude oil," said Matteson. "As it ramps up into full production, it will give up to 7,000 barrels per day of diesel fuel, as well as some residual other products."

Tesoro Mandan refinery adding capacity

Oct 23, 2012

Mandan’s Tesoro refinery has been expanding.

It just finished adding 10,000 barrels per day of gasoline refining capacity – bringing that to 60,000 barrels a day. And next year, the refinery will add another 5000 barrels to its diesel fuel refining capacity.

"As you know, the diesel demand in North Dakota continues to increase," said refinery manager John Berger. "That will give us a little more flexibility to allow us to shift gasoline or diesel production, based on where the market needs are. And of course, right now those needs a primarily around diesel fuels."

Diesel refinery planned for South Heart

Jul 9, 2012

An official with MDU Resources Group of Bismarck, ND, says getting the approval of the Stark County Commission on a zoning change for its proposed diesel refinery is a good step. But as Prairie Public's Dave Thompson reports, Rick Matteson says there's more work to do.

The company is proposing a 10,000 gallong per day refinery near South Heart. Matteson says there are a lot of details in the planning process for the proposed $325 million refinery.