A Jamestown High School administrator suffered a case of “nicotine poisoning” after confiscating an e-cigarette from a student.

The tobacco control director for the Central Valley Health District in Jamestown, Nancy Neary, said Jamestown High Assistant vice-principal John Conway confiscated an e-cigarette and accompanying liquid from a student in one of the school’s rest rooms.

"When he handled that, some of the oil on the outside of the bottle got on his hand," Neary said. And she said Conway got sick almost immediately.

FDA Rule Changes for E-Cigarettes

May 5, 2016

The Director of North Dakota’s Tobacco Control program is applauding the move by the U-S Food and Drug administration to tighten the rules surrounding the use and sale of electronic cigarettes…

Educating About E-Cigarettes

Nov 11, 2015

Officials with Fargo-Cass Public Health will be meeting with parents and other adults that work with youth next week to raise awareness about e-cigarettes. Reporter Todd McDonald has details...

New youth survey shows progress, some concerns

Nov 3, 2015
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The new state Youth Risk Behavioral Survey has been released.

And state school superintendent Kirsten Baesler says the trends look good.

"The results show a substantial drop in tobacco use among our high school students," Baesler told Capitol reporters. She says it's also true about alcohol use.

"There's less binge drinking among our young people," Baesler said. "There is less marijuana smoking, and prescription drug abuse."

However, Baesler says there were a couple of troubling trends – concerning students having suicidal thoughts.

'E-cigarette" definition measure rejected by the House

Jan 29, 2015

A measure that would have classified “e-cigarettes” as “non tobacco products” for tax purposes was rejected by the North Dakota House.

That definition was added as an amendment to a bill originally proposed by the state Tax Department. It was billed as a clean-up measure. The amendment would have meant that e-cigarettes would only be subject to a sales tax, and not the tobacco tax.

The amendment’s opponents said it was added at the last minute without any hearing. They also said the e-cigarette packages are clearly labeled with “nicotine derived from tobacco.”