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Governor Dalrymple is asking the Senate Education Committee to restore the K-12 education funding formula bill back to its original version.

The bill makes more state money available to local schools. And its sponsors say it will provide significant property tax relief.

The House changed the original bill. It now requires local school districts to levy 70 mills. The original bill required a 50 mill local property tax effort.  That will reduce the state’s funding by $120-million.

Limiting the "foundation aid stabilization fund"

Feb 25, 2013

A House committee is considering two different Constitutional amendments to deal with the state’s foundation aid stabilization fund.

The fund was created to guard against cuts to funding for schools in down economic times. It prevents allotments. But the fund has grown with the influx of oil revenue. And the sponsors of both measures say the fund probably won’t need all the money it has.

Superintendent of Public Instruction debate

Oct 23, 2012

The two candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction -- Kirsten Baesler and Tracy Potter -- discuss the issues in a "Face to Face" radio debate, moderated by Prairie Public's Dave Thompson.

The special projects coordinator for the Bismarck Public Schools says post-secondary education is becoming more important in the oil industry. That story from Prairie Public's Dave Thompson.

Kent Ellis also owns an oil brokerage firm.  Ellis says post-seconndary training doesn't have to lead to a four-year degree. He says it could mean a two-year technical degree.