Prepping for a new state cabinet agency

Jul 11, 2017
State Health Dept.

The State Health Department’s Division of Environmental Health is preparing to become its own separate agency.

The 2017 Legislature created the framework for a Department of Environmental Quality.

But before the Agency can be established, there's work to do.

"We need to give a submittal to the (federal) EPA," said Division director Dave Glatt. "We have to show EPA the organization is not going to change."

After that, Glatt said the Department will start getting name changes in uts administrative rules.

ND Legislature

The Legislature is getting closer to creating a separate “Department of Environmental Quality.”

This kind of state regulation of water and air quality is now in the state Health Department. Supporters of the new department say it would move existing employees of the Health Department into the new agency – and the head of that agency would be appointed by the Governor.

It passed the House 69 to 23. Rep. Shannon Roers-Jones (R-Casselton)  said the Health Department’s Environmental Health Section has become the first line of defense against federal regulatory overreach.

Courtesy ND Legislature

The state Senate has voted to take the environmental functions now in the state Health Department, and put them in a new state agency – the Department of Environmental Quality.

It wouldn’t happen until January,2019 – and only if federal agencies sign off on the new department. It would affect about 170 people who now work for the division. And it would become a Cabinet agency – meaning the Governor would appoint the agency’s director.

Burleigh County farmer wins national "green" award

May 18, 2012

A Burleigh County ranch family has won a national award.

Gabe and Shelley Brown – and their son, Paul – have a ranch east of Bismarck.  As Prairie Public's Dave Thompson reports, the family received the “Growing Green Award" from the Natural Resources Defense Council.