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DPI to monitor 'ESSER' funding for local schools

May 4, 2021

North Dakota schools have been receiving money from the COVID-19 relief packages, under what is known as “ESSER.”

"ESSER" stands for "Elementary Secondary School Emergency Relief."

State school superintendent Kirsten Baesler said the money can be used mainly for one-time spending, from personal protective equipment to dealing with “learning loss” because of a lack of in-person instruction. And she said the ESSER money is allocated according to each school’s Title One funding formula.

The Senate Appropriations Committee is looking at a proposal to raise the per-pupil payment by one percent in the upcoming school year, and another one percent for the following year.

Gov. Doug Burgum had proposed a flat spending level of $10,036 per pupil for each of the next two years. The one-and-one proposal – endorsed by the senate Education Committee – would raise it to $10,136 in the first year, and $10,237 in the second year.