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Blue Flint Ethanol looking at biomass for fuel

Aug 3, 2020
Midwest AgEnergy

Blue Flint Ethanol is continuing its efforts to find new fuel and power sources.

The plant is co-located with Great River Energy’s Coal Creek power plant, near Underwood. Coal Creek is scheduled to close in 2022. Blue Flint uses waste steam from Coal Creek as the energy for the refining process.

Blue Flint is owned by Midwest AgEnergy. It was recently awarded $155,000 from the state’s Agricultural Products Utilization Commission, to conduct research and a feasibility study to use biomass as its fuel source.

Bank of North Dakota establishes ethanol loan program

Apr 30, 2020

The North Dakota Industrial Commission has approved a new Bank of North Dakota loan program for ethanol plants, who have been hit hard by the drop in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Ethanol Recovery Program” will provide loans to ethanol plants at one percent interest rates. The loans would be administered through local banks, and the loans would be backed up by the Strategic Investments and Improvements Fund. It would be similar to the “PACE” fund, which is an interest rate buy-down program.

ND Corn Growers

The federal EPA has announced a “rule-making” process to allow year round sales of E-15 – gasoline with a 15 percent ethanol blend – and to remove any barriers to the sale of that fuel.

In North Dakota, the Corn Utilization Council and the Ethanol Council have launched “Unleaded88” – an effort to promote the sale of E-15. The “88” stands for the octane rating for the fuel.

North Dakota's Agriculture Commissioner said the state's farming and ranching community has felt their fair share of challenges over the last six years.

Goehring said in a normal cycle, the market would likely start turning around. But he said that isn't happening now – because the market is still fraught with challenges.

"There's a trade war with China," Goehring said. "We're still dealing with high tariffs across the entire world, from many countries."

Courtesy EERC

An ethanol producer with a plant at Richardton will be working with the Energy and Environmental Research Center on a carbon capture project.

The Industrial Commission has awarded the project $490,000. That's half the projected $980,000 cost.

"When you make ethanol, it comes with a "CI" value, a carbon-intensity value," said Dustin Willett, the chief operating officer of Red Trail Energy. "The lower the "CI" value, the better it is for the earth, as well as from a marketing standpoint."

The CO@ comes from the ethanol fermenters at the plant.

North Dakota to receive more blender pumps

Sep 10, 2015

Grants through the Biofuels Infrastructure Project will add infrastructure to supply 21 states with more blender pumps, which would deliver more renewable fuel options to more drivers.

The Public Service Commission has given its okay for the developers of a new ethanol plant near Spiritwood to start buying corn.

Dakota Spirit Ag Energy is building an ethanol plant at the site of the Spiritwood energy park, near Jamestown. It will use steam from Great River Energy’s new coal-fired power plant next door to help produce the ethanol. It received a roving grain buyer’s license from the PSC to do that.