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Fargo Police: counterfeit oxycodone pills may be dangerous

Jul 29, 2020

Fargo Police say illegal, counterfeit pills resembling Oxycodone have contributed to several overdoses across the state – and are warning the public to be on the lookout.

The pills are sold illegally on the street, have a green tint to them and usually have an ‘M’ printed on one side and ‘30’ printed on the other. They are also laced with Fentanyl.

Fargo Police are cautioning those who obtain the pills illegally that they pose a serious risk of bodily injury or death. Any suspicious pills can be reported to your local law enforcement agency.

Fargo Police investigating homicide, man in custody

Mar 2, 2018
D. Webster

Fargo Police have one suspect in custody and are looking for a possible witness in connection to an early morning homicide that took place in North Fargo this morning.

Officer Jason Moszer remembered in Fargo

Feb 22, 2016

Law enforcement officials from across the United States and Canada came to Fargo Monday to attend the funeral service for Fargo officer Jason Moszer.  Moszer was fatally struck by gunfire while responding to a domestic incident earlier this month.  Prairie Public's Danielle Webster prepared this piece.

In a statement released this morning, Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney says he remains confident that the Fargo-Moorhead community is a safe place for its residents and visitors.

But he says the fatal wounding of Fargo police officer Jason Moszer is "profoundly saddening."

Moszer was shot while setting up a perimeter around a residence near downtown Fargo.  Authorities were responding to a domestic disturbance where shots had been fired.

Fargo standoff leads to cop shooting; suspect dead

Feb 11, 2016
Fargo Police

A man who allegedly shot a Fargo police officer during a standoff in North Fargo is dead.

The standoff started in a home, after a man was reported to have fired shots at family members. Police officer Jason Moszer (mow-zhur) was shot, and he suffered what doctors termed a non-survivable wound.

Fargo Police Chief Dave Todd says the standoff ended shortly before 7 am – and police say the shooter’s body was found inside.

Public Help Sought In Murder Investigation

Feb 9, 2015
Moorhead Police Dept.

Moorhead Police are wondering if a car spotted on a video surveillance camera could help them solve a murder investigation. Chief Investigator Brad Pennas says officials are hoping to talk to the owner of the vehicle in order to determine whether or not it was involved in the death of NDSU student Thomas Bearson. Bearson was last seen in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 20th, leaving a party in north Fargo. His body was discovered 3 days later in the lot of a south Moorhead business.

Kraus-Parr proposes "pursuit plan" for BCI

Jun 24, 2014

The Democratic candidate for Attorney General says it is disappointing that Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem seems to have left the state for "another conference" instead of commenting publicly on an incident that took place in Fargo-Moorhead last week.

Fargo police investigating homicide

Mar 14, 2014

Fargo police are investigating a homicide that occurred overnight.

Police Chief Keith Ternes says shortly after midnight, officers were dispatched to a disturbance in a parking lot near the Cash Wise grocery store. 

"When the officers arrived they located one of the vehicles in the Cash Wise parking lot with the vehicles tires that had been slashed.  A second vehicle was located a few minutes later in a different parking lot just east of Cash Wise, and the officers found two adult males inside of that second vehicle."