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Federal Lawsuit Over Mandan Mural

Aug 2, 2019
Bismark Tribune

The city of Mandan will not enforce its law requiring citizens to apply for a permit to paint murals until a federal lawsuit over the matter is settled. The ordinance caused controversy this past spring, when it required the owners of Lonesome Dove bar to remove their mural depicting a cowboy during sunset after their application for a permit was denied three times. Owners, Brian Burbe and August Kersten, filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District of North Dakota against the city of Mandan on July 29th.

A Minnesota man who was turned away at a voting booth in 2010 is part of a case headed to the US Supreme Court at the end of the month.

The case, Minnesota Voters Alliance vs. Mansky, challenges Minnesota's law on what clothes can be worn to the polls.

Andy Cilek is the man at the center of the case. "The thing I want from this lawsuit is the same thing I wanted on Election Day in 2010: and that is, simply, to wear what I want when I vote, and to vote peacefully."